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Financial planning is never done in isolation. It always makes sense to plan your finances in the context of your life stage and needs.

There are several factors which play out when you are preparing your financial plan.

Everyone keeps in mind the purpose of investment, age, dependents, and the stage of the financial market while making investments.

However, a carefully crafted 360-degree investment plan should go much beyond that.

It must also factor in the following –
1. Your income and expenses
2. You existing investments
3. Liquidity situation
4. Short term and long-term liabilities
5. Insurance cover
6. Risk appetite
7. Life events
8. Life goals
9. Inheritance etc.

A plan is called a 360-degree plan when you have considered all the parameters in mind which influence your well-being and hence, decisions.

Finbingo examines these parameters one by one and evaluates how they can impact your investment decisions and financial goals.

It also draws up a model portfolio for a customer of your age and your risk appetite.

It compares your existing portfolio with the model portfolio and suggests rebalancing in the deviations found. It then gives you a short term and long term investment plans that are best suited for you in meeting your financial goals.
Finbingo places a very high premium on the quality of financial modeling. Afterall, your future depends on it !

Nothing less than a 360 degrees financial plan will settle for us.

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