✅When you steal your mom’s credit card for vbucks…

Hi, I’m jimipapi & in this video, I show When you steal your mom’s credit card for vbucks… I’m a Fortnite Content Creator known for being the FASTEST EDITOR On Fortnite Mobile! I’ve been featured on Channels like GrantTheGoat, SoaR Dylan, Ryft, ActingLikeTommy, Mongraal, DaBaby, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Pham, Devour Ruger, Epik Drift, GKI, Cxltures, Plalism, & MORE! When you get free vbucks…, A fortnite player’s nightmare… (POV), When a fortnite player quits…, When grandma buys you vbucks… & my other Fortnite Shorts POV’s!

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