✅The Toolkit For YNAB is a truly amazing free browser extension that takes everything you love about YNAB and cranks it up a notch. There are over 100 settings inside the toolkit, and in this video, I’m going to show you my favorite ones to get the most out of your budget.

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We all know that YNAB is awesome, but there are a few things that I would change if I could snap my fingers to make magic happen. Luckily, some cool developers have made some of these changes for us.

Use the quick jump sections below to find my favorite settings inside the YNAB toolkit. These include goal enhancements, color changes, menu resizing, and even adding a credit card emoji. I love the toolkit, and I think you will too, so be sure to give it a try.

Quick Jump Sections
0:20 – Add the toolkit to your browser
2:22 – #1: Resize the side menu
2:45 – #2 Collapseable side menu
2:55 – #3: Budget quick switch
3:20 – #4: Changing the “enter” button
3:43 – #5: Right-click menu
3:59 – #6: Toggle scheduled/reconciled icons
4:52 – #7: Adding the credit card emoji
5:20 – #8: Current month indicator
6:08 – #9: Days of buffering metric
8:39 – #10: Hide total available
9:20 – #11: Link to inflows
9:51 – #12: Enable categories filter
10:19 – #13: Make categories dropdown larger
10:45 – #14: Paid in full credit card
13:05 – #15: Display total monthly goals
14:45 – #16: Add goals indication
15:50 – #17: Display target goal amount
17:15 – #18: Goal indicator warning color
18:27 – #19: Add pacing to your budget
20:00 – #20: Toggle all master category groups open/close
20:26 – #21: Modifying your default reports
21:25 – #22: The Toolkit Reports


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